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I’m a communicator. A mobile and virtual entrepreneur. A dad and husband and friend. My heart beats faster when I see great visual creativity, I’ll always lean forward to listen to a great story, and hearing my children laugh gives me little prickles in the center of my chest.

I work in a mostly virtual world, delivering professional voiceovers to clients around the globe. It’s creative and challenging and exciting. I have to be adaptable, always looking for the leading edge of marketing technology, online communication, and digital marketplaces. But it also evokes our deepest human past and distills down to the basics of communication and connection. I like that.

I also make custom furniture and woodwork. It, too, is creative and challenging and exciting, but for different reasons. I get to work with my hands, make something tangible, and lose myself in the act of making big pieces of wood smaller.

So pull up a chair. Tell me your story, and I’ll tell you mine. Let’s record our voices, communicate with the masses, and make some sawdust. It will be fun!



P.O. Box 6
Skandia, MI 49885